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HRH Live Presents 'Contact' An Evening of Clairvoyance

Please note: Info provided by the Event Organiser

An evening with two experienced mediums where your loved ones from the spirit realm are invited to join us and pass on their messages in a relaxed atmosphere. There will be much fun and laughter as each of the mediums demonstrates their particular abilities.

Please note although we endeavour to accommodate as many people as possible not everyone is guaranteed a reading or message.

We are required by law to state that this is for entertainment purposes only.

Brenda Diskin

Brenda Diskin appearing at this event

Brenda is a natural born multi-sense medium with over 50 years’ experience of working in the psychic and paranormal fields. She is a qualified tutor, artist and published author. She specialises in Deep Trance Mediumship, Intuitive Tarot Reading, Remote Viewing, non-Invasive Psychic Surgery and says she can give a reading from almost anything. An After Dinner Speaker and Lecturer on various subjects. She has clients from many different countries which include dignitaries, celebrities and high powered business executives. Brenda has often assisted on missing person and murder cases. She says her most unusual claims to fame are: Giving psychic and mediumistic messages in the Dean's House at Westminster Abbey and having one of her stories published in the Brixton Prison Magazine.

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Danny Lewis

Danny Lewis appearing at this event

Danny is a very talented psychic medium and a humorous and charismatic man.

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