Fallen - A Tribute To The Music Of Evanescence

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A Tribute To Evanescence

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Right from the dramatic intro of their set, Fallen recreate the epic, dark and lush sound of Evanescence, combining heavenly, soaring vocals and hard-hitting guitars with piano, orchestral and choral elements.

Fallen are Europe's premier Evanescence tribute and the longest established in the UK. The band members have all played at professional or semi-professional level and have many years of gigging experience behind them.

Formed in early 2013, the band has subsequently gone from strength to strength and is now playing at some of the best music venues around.

Playing songs from all three of the most well-known albums, Fallen accurately reproduce the sound of this innovative, unique and genre-setting band.

Fallen - A Tribute To The Music Of Evanescence

Fallen - A Tribute To The Music Of Evanescence appearing at this event

Fallen are a six-piece Evanescence tribute band based in the East Midlands and are currently the only Evanescence tribute act in the UK. The band members are all mature, experienced musicians with many years gigging experience behind them. Right from the dramatic intro, Fallen's slick, exciting and dynamic set pays tribute to the music of this unique, genre-setting band.

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