Indietracks Festival


This event has been and gone.

Indietracks is a unique summer music festival, combining steam trains and indiepop music!

It takes place at the Midland Railway Centre in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, and the next festival will be held on the weekend of 28-30 July 2017.

Each year around 50 new and established indiepop artists perform across a range of stages at the festival. Visitors are free to enjoy steam train rides, railway attractions and museums, discos, art and craft workshops, great food and a selection of real ales.

Please visit www.indietracks.co.uk for more information.



Martha appearing at this event

Passionate punk-pop band Martha served as a UK counterpart to the US DIY scene of the 2010s, working in the same high-energy but emotionally vulnerable territory as contemporaries like Swearin' and Radiator Hospital. Employing tight vocal harmonies, buzzsaw guitars, and zippy tempos, the group created a distinctively high-strung brand of pop on albums like 2016's Blisters in the Pit of My Heart.

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The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present appearing at this event

In the late 1980s The Wedding Present were one of the most famous British indie bands. Their career path often involved unusual decisions, such as recording a set of Ukranian folk songs for their first major-label offering and releasing a single on the first Monday of every month for a year. Band members came and went, but the idea of The Wedding Present as a group has remained. Nowadays fans of 'the Weddoes' can still hear their favourite songs (as well as new material) being played live by original songwriter David Gedge and his band.

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Cate Le Bon

Cate Le Bon appearing at this event

Cate grew up in Cardiff's French quarter and made her name as part of Neon Neon but is at her best when solo. Equal parts Nico, Bobbie Gentry and her own emotional observations. “Imagine PJ Harvey’s rawness tangling with Super Furry Animals’ prog, and a vocalist who forgoes folk’s softer sides for delicious black humour… Here is darkness to relish” - Word Magazine.

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Shopping appearing at this event

Shopping are propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass. The band was formed in 2012 by members Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums), who've all done time in a plethora of notable UK DIY bands including Trash Kit and Wet Dog. They pull from a well of 70's post-punk with a voraciousness seldom seen these days, bringing to mind the jagged aggression of Gang of Four, the voracious yelp of The Slits and the dance inducing thrust of Delta 5 .

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Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey Swallows The Universe appearing at this event

Monkey Swallows The Universe are an acoustic-based indie pop / folkish kind of band based in Sheffield.

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The Tuts

The Tuts appearing at this event

A high energy punk-pop trio from Middlesex with a DIY ethic. Live they seriously pack a punch and are noted for their impassioned songs about sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms. Their famous fans include Kate Nash and Pauline Black who was so impressed she invited the girls on tour supporting The Selecter. "West London three piece buzz like a female version of the Libertines. From the same town as the Ruts, with only a letter difference, the Tuts are a bundle of attitude and suss." - Louder Than War

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Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome appearing at this event

Fuzz-pop band Joanna Gruesome are a five-piece band from Cardiff whose sound is said to span both punk and indie, and has been described as being reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, Huggy Bear and Dinosaur Jr. Their album Weird Sister, released on Fortuna Pop! In 2013, was described by Pitchfork as “one of the most purely exuberant, hook-stuffed indie-pop records you're likely to hear this year”.

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The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures appearing at this event

For a few years The Wave Pictures have played sporadically in the UK, France and New York, sharing shows with Herman Dune and The Jeffrey Lewis Band. They have also served as backing band for both John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats and Darren Hayman (Hayman’s old band Hefner being a clear influence, along with the guitar playing of Tom Verlaine). Think early Pavement, Galaxie 500, The Pastels, Jonathan Richman.

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Peaness appearing at this event

Featuring an all-girl line-up of Jessica Branney, Rachel Williams and Carleia Balbenta, three piece indie-pop band Peaness formed in Chester in late 2014. The trio have gigged extensively up and down the country with their unique and upbeat brand of indie pop that has more hooks, charm and depth than a dozen identikit indie-boy bores. The band have won the hearts of unsuspecting listeners across the length and breadth of the DIY scene, right through to BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Expect effortless breezy melodies, catchy hooks, even catchier choruses and lyrics that come with a cheeky wink and tongue in cheek innocence. Once you put it all together you’re left with what fans are christening Pea-Pop.

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Personal Best

Personal Best appearing at this event

Personal Best are a Newport/Bristol band featuring Katie from Bedford Falls, El, Tom and Jay. They play perfect punk-pop songs, with a sound indepted to bands like Superchunk, Best Coast and The Muffs, but filled with their own super melodic spirit. "A short but sweet set of indie-pop tunes featuring fuzzy guitar riffs, great melodic hooks, a powerful rhythm section and a nostalgic sense of adolescent longing" - Fear Of Fiction.

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The Hearing

Explosive Coventry rockers The Hearing draws heavily from mid 90's Sonic Youth, The Pixies, early Mogwai, and more recent bands Biffy Clyro and Seafood. Expect layers of loud trashy guitar sounds, sweat dripping from the walls, and a fierce stage show with scissors kicks and instrument trashing a-go-go. Not to be missed!

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The Orchids

The Orchids appearing at this event

The Orchids are a Scottish band that achieved success in the 198os with the release of a series of underground singles on the influential Sarah Records. The group's line-up comprised James Hackett (vocals), John Scally (guitar), Chris Quinn (drums), Matthew Drummond (guitar) and James Moody (bass). Their producer, Ian Carmichael, often played keyboards on their records. The group split up in 1995, playing their final gig at the Sarah Records farewell party. The Orchids were musically one of the most interesting Sarah bands and certainly developed far more on that label than any band except, perhaps, The Field Mice. Starting with a fairly conventional melancholy guitar pop sound on Lyceum and contemporaneous singles, they moved on to become more keyboard and sample/effects-based for their second and third albums, Unholy Soul and Striving For the Lazy Perfection, developing a more electronic sound, possibly as a result of their producer, Ian Carmichael, who was a member of dance band One Dove. The band reformed in 2004 and have since released another two albums.

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The Hayman Kupa Band

The Hayman Kupa Band is a supergroup comprising of Darren Hayman of Darren Hayman and Hefner fame, Emma Kupa formerly of Standard Fare and current Mammoth Penguin, Fever Dream drummer Cat Loye and Michaelmas a.k.a. Michael Wood on bass.

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Grace Petrie

Grace Petrie appearing at this event

Grace Petrie is a folk singer, songwriter and activist from Leicester, UK, she has been writing, recording and touring relentlessly ever since. Her unique takes on life, love and politics, and the warmth and wit with which they are delivered, have won over audiences everywhere, across the alternative, folk, political and comedy scenes She has racked up tour supports with Emmy the Great and Billy Bragg, and has also made her mark in the comedy scene supporting comedians Robin Ince and Josie Long. She’s appeared at Glastonbury four time at the invitation of Billy Bragg, as well as an eclectic genre-crossing mix of festivals Latitude, Musicport, Blissfields, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Greenbelt and more including of course Cambridge Folk Festival. She has collaborated with some of the most respected names in folk, including Leon Rosselson, Roy Bailey and Peggy Seeger.

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Kid Canaveral

Kid Canaveral appearing at this event

Kid Canaveral are an alternative pop group based in Edinburgh, and the indiepop poster children of the Fence Records roster. They realeased their first single in 2007 and have to date released two critcally acclaimed albums- Shouting at Wildlife (2010) and Now That You Are a Dancer (2013) - on Fence Records. "They've evolved from DIY party-starters to serious contenders for the Scottish pop throne, with a glorious line in melodic alt-rock" The Herald

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A band from Silvi from Mikrofisch. Chorusgirl is a more jangly indie guitar-based project than the electropop of Mikrofisch.

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The Cola Jet Set

Spanish uber pop with a sixties sound.

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Cowtown appearing at this event

Formed in Leeds, but like Gang Of Four, born in a variety of other places, Cowtown are made up by David Michael Shields (drums), Hilary Knott (keybass/vocals) and Jonathan Nash (guitar/vocals) and play econo, dynamic, over-stimulated rock music that embraces a heavily abridged history of rock n’ roll. Serious about fun, the band are a firm favourite of BBC 6 DJ Mark Riley, performing music with an emphasis on positive expression and confronting collective anxieties, creating live shows that focus on what they enjoy and discarding the rest. Drawing influences from bands like The Coneheads, Devo and The Breeders, as well as films such as Teen Wolf and Ghostbusters, songs are later distilled into their absolute fundamentals. It’s not about what they want but what they need, with the delivery being as urgent and tightly wound as possible.

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David Leach

David Leach appearing at this event

With a ukulele in his hand and a song in his heart, David is a small Lancastrian songwriter with buckets of charm. A modern day George Formby, his witty songs take you on nostalgia trips to remember seaside towns, going back home, mums and Accrington Stanley football club. The best part of his gigs are when he passes around a box full of home-made knitwear containing his CDs for sale.

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Lilith Ai

Lilith Ai is a singer-songwriter, a purveyor of heartfelt tales of modern urban living. Born in North East London, she ran away to America in her early teens with only £70 in her pocket. For the next few years she lived on the streets of Queens in New York - an experience which has had a powerful influence on her music. She’s been acclaimed as a pioneer of the alternative soul movement, moving from sensitive vocals to red-blooded riffs, using subtle distortions and fragmented beats. Already championed by Tom Ravenscroft at 6 Music, this is a brilliant chance to see an amazing upcoming artist who “successfully blurs the lines between soul, blues, rock and punk”.

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Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake appearing at this event

The Buzzcocks of our time, this band are political, punky and poppy in equal measure. From the North-East scene that spawned The Futureheads, lead singer Pete also created DIY indie label 'Slampt', famous for discovering Lauren Laverne's 90's band Kenickie and sticking to a punk ethos by releasing records without a barcode!!

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MJ Hibbett & The Validators

Witty, breezy pop from the bard of indie bedrooms.

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Model Village

Model Village appearing at this event

Formed in the summer of 2008, Model Village are a sophisticated indiepop outfit. The band’s mix of jangly guitars, boy-girl harmonies, upbeat melodies and downbeat lyrics sit somewhere in the niche between Belle & Sebastian and The Promise Ring. Influenced by Jim O’Rourke, Prefab Sprout, Yo La Tengo, Steely Dan, Red House Painters, and Camera Obscura, the group pulled all these threads together in their sound.

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Rainbow Reservoir

Angela Space is a classically trained saxophonist and pop song writer, think Magnetic Fields meets Daniel Johnston: "What makes it brilliant is the intelligence and the wit of both the entertaining story and the subverted allusions." - Oxford Music Blog

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Schande was created by Jen Schande, aka Jen Chochino, former frontwoman of Shove. The three-piece play early 90s style indie rock. Schande is not unlike Cat Power, but the vocals sound even more exotically fragile (in an emotional sense) than Chan Marshall's.

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Suggested Friends

Suggested Friends appearing at this event

New twee-pop-emo-country-punkers on the block Suggested Friends formed in late 2015 over a series of drinks that no one can remember and a long walk in the Peak District. Inspired by Mammoth Penguins and Trust Fund, since then they've been mostly singing songs about cats and micro-aggressions and they're “lovin’ it'”.

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TeenCanteen appearing at this event

Glasgow/Edinburgh girl four-piece who describe their music as "cherry-cola kissed sticky-harmony indie-pop."

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Also Appearing

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