Pete & Bas

Pete & Bas

at Sub89 & The Bowery District, Reading

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This show was rescheduled from 18th February 2021 (originally 24th September 2020 / 15th April 2020).

Pete & Bas

Pete & Bas appearing at this event

Pete & Bas are set to give the likes of Stormzy and Wiley a run for their money. Bas is a piano teacher and Pete works for the National Trading Standards Board. In their spare time, they are part of six-man music collective Sindhuworld. 'Hailing from South East London, Pete & Bas have been in and out of trouble with the Metropolitan Police since Black & White TV and are rumoured to have long-standing ties with both the Richardson and Kray families.'

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Sub89 & The Bowery District

110-117 Friar Street

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