AnDa Union

at St Barnabas Church, Oxford

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AnDa Union

AnDa Union appearing at this event

AnDa Union play a unique style of Mongolian music. The band all trained in traditional Mongolian music from a young age, and are accomplished singers, moving fluently from hoomai, the guttural throat song, to the clear long notes of ortinduu, long-song. They play many instruments including the morin huur, the maodun chaoer, a three-holed flute, as well as Mongolian versions of the lute, and mouth harp. Mongols have a strong musical tradition that is passed from generation to generation. The morin huur, or horse head fiddle, pays homage to the most important animal in the Mongol culture; almost all houses have one hanging in the hallway. AnDa Union are bound by a mission to promote the essence of this music to the world.

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St Barnabas Church

  • 15 St. Barnabas Street
  • Jericho
  • Oxford
  • OX2 6BG

01865 557530