Beautiful Days

at Escot Park, Ottery St Mary

This event has been and gone.

Beautiful Days is The Levellers' annual family music festival in the heart of

It's a family music festival with six stages, site art, a huge children's area in the centre of the festival, comedy, theatre, family camping, licensed real ale bars from Otter Brewery and carefully selected food and craft stalls.

The festival has no corporate sponsorship and does not advertise.

More information, including disabled access, and updates on line-up from beautifuldays.org. Acts to be announced soon.


Andy C

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development appearing at this event

One of the major success stories of 1992, Arrested Development are a progressive rap collective fusing soul, blues, hip-hop, and Sly & the Family Stone-influenced funk with political, socially conscious lyrics including 'People Everyday', 'Mr Wendall' and 'Tennessee'.

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Babylon Circus

Babylon Circus are described by some as the French version of Gogol Bordello, thanks to their sonic madness and stage antics.

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Banco De Gaia

Banco De Gaia appearing at this event

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of dance music maestro Toby Marks, the creative force behind Banco De Gaia. One of the world's leading exponents of globally inspired electronica, Toby's work sprang from the hopeful exuberance of British house, the joys of sampling, and the advent of global music. An ambient vibe merchant and godfather of electronic dub who is not afraid to pump up the bump occasionally, he is a socially aware musician who also aims to spread his knowledge to others.

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Brother & Bones

Brother & Bones appearing at this event

'Mumford and Sons meets The Dead Weather' - Amy Smith, Event Organiser at Beachbreak Live Festival.

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Clannad appearing at this event

The multi-award winning Clannad have without doubt done more than any other group to take Irish music and the Irish language to a worldwide audience. Fusing elements of traditional Irish music with more contemporary folk, new age, and rock they have created a beautifully unique and ethereal sound which combines haunting melodies and mesmerising vocals to transcend the sands of time whilst appealing to a worldwide audience of all ages.

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Damien Dempsey

Damien Dempsey appearing at this event

Championed from an early stage in his career by Sinéad O’Connor, this talented Dublin singer-songwriter has a style that incorporates his Irish roots as well as a feel for his musical heroes such as Bob Marley and Elvis Presley. He takes reggae, fuses it with traditional Irish music, adds in some rock and folk and puts it all through a grounded working class consciousness. He is reaching out beyond the Dublin shoreline of his youth and diving into a new artistic sea.

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Gaz Brookfield

Gaz Brookfield appearing at this event

Nu / anti-folk artist and winner of Acoustic Magazines's UK singer-songwriter competition. His songs are instantly accessible, everyman tales of life, love and everything else in between. Played in a folk-ish style with occasional use of the guitar as a percussive tool, as well as some two handed venturing around the fretboard, Gaz's simple yet poignant songwriting captures the imagination of the listener.

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A band who have their roots in the past and their heads in the future with an interesting mix of studio technology and enough digital processing to bring traditional instruments into the 21st Century. Headmix are a Brighton-based six piece that became a hugely popular addition to stages throughout the UK and the continent. The band’s highly crafted dubfolk style and unique approach to live shows ensured many sold-out performances plus a loyal fan base. Their distinctive mix of traditional acoustic instruments, beautiful vocal harmonies and funked up reggae gave audiences something they had been craving for a long time: real musicians playing real instruments in real time. Headmix (formerly known as Head Mix Collective) were acclaimed as the best festival band, behind Zion Train, for years in the UK - their eclectic mix of instruments and their raw stage energy were amazing and they could be seen playing literally anywhere they could, up and down the UK - an inspiration.

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Heidi Talbot

Heidi Talbot appearing at this event

Having cut her teeth as lead singer with Irish American all-female outfit Cherish The Ladies, Heidi Talbot is right at home in the twin worlds of Irish traditional and roots music. Heidi Talbot (born 1980) is an Irish folk singer from Kill, County Kildare, Ireland. 'Talbot is exquisite. Björk combined with Enya' (Village Voice).

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Imelda May

Imelda May appearing at this event

One of Ireland's most celebrated female artists, Imelda May takes you on a twistin' ride influenced by the likes of Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, but all delivered with Imelda's own unique voice and lyrics. Her stompin' anthems 'Johnny Got A Boom Boom', 'Psycho' and 'Inside Out' all sounded like 1950s classics. However, the modern queen of Rockabilly has since broadened her sound, now taking in elements of blues, rock, soul, gospel and jazz.

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Levellers appearing at this event

Brighton's seminal folk-rock outfit formed by Mark Chadwick and Jeremy Cunningham in the late 80s who take their name from the 17th century radical democracy movement. Over the years they've become a staple on festival bills with their crowd pleasing blend of fiddles, guitars and biting political lyrics. Their 14 top 40 singles include the perennial anthems 'One Way', 'Hope Street' and 'What A Beautiful Day', which inspired the name for their annual curated music festival; 'Beautiful Days'.

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Molotov Jukebox

Molotov Jukebox appearing at this event

Molotov Jukebox are a 6 piece, genre dodging, leviathan of an experience, poised to take the world by storm. Incorporating trumpet, accordion, violin and the sultry tones of lead singer Natalia Tena, over the most concrete and inventive rhythm section this side of Jamaica, this is a band born out of love - love of each other, love of music and a love of making whole roomfulls of people dance til they fall over (or fall in love).

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Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene appearing at this event

90's indie rock-pop band whose Sixties retro sound, coupled with their obvious individual talents and collective knack of reaching the heart and soul of the nation's music buying public, has certainly paid off. Their back catalogue includes an impressive seventeen Top 40 singles including 'The Riverboat Song' which became the walk-on music for Chris Evans on the popular Channel 4 series TFI Friday.

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Primal Scream

Primal Scream appearing at this event

Loaded with a massive eclectic body of work, from their early C86 jangly guitar releases to the ambient baggy indie-rock sound of their Mercury Prize winning 'Screamadelica', their mid-career pastiche of the Rolling Stones, right through to their later more experimental dance-based material, Bobby Gillespie and the boys are forever movin' on up.

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Roy Harper

Roy Harper appearing at this event

Roy Harper is one of the very few surviving singer-songwriters from the counterculture of the 60s who is still creatively engaged in new composition and in progressing a body of work that has come to stand for a particularly single minded form of integrity. His career has spanned six decades during which he has enjoyed collaborations with and tributes from many of his contemporaries, including Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson and many more with Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom and Johnny Marr affirmed fans.

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Sam Lee

Sam Lee appearing at this event

Sam Lee is a folk singer, promoter and animateur. A naturally gifted voice, Sam is fast becoming accepted as a new pioneer, defining the sound, sight and texture of contemporary folksong. With his live band, Sam Lee and Friends, he carves a new acoustic with homemade and mongrelised instrumentation using unconventional and contemporary arrangements that challenging preconceptions of what 'traditional folk' should sound like. He is a former Mercury Prize nominatee, song collector, promoter (of BBC award winning Nest Collective) radio host, TV personality, teacher and animateur.

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Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon appearing at this event

Accordion-extraordinaire and part-time member of The Waterboys. Sharon's unique style reflects many musical influences including cajun, Scottish, reggae and of course traditional Irish folk.

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Sheelanagig appearing at this event

Having caused dancefloor mayhem from the Scottish Islands to the South of Italy, Sheelanagig are probably the most fun you can have with a fiddle, flute, guitar, double-bass and drums. They are as physically relentless on stage as their music is – playing a unique and energetic blend of Folk, Jazz and World Music. Festival favourites at Glastonbury and Green Man their live show encompasses street theatre, elements of storytelling and acrobatics, and is sure to provoke a reaction – frenzied dancing and stage invasions are hazards on a really good night. They are a truly spellbinding band to see live.

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Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor appearing at this event

A truly inspirational and daring performer, Sinead's has been releasing heartfelt and passionate material since the 80swhich has spanned indie, folk and pop. She first began transforming the pop cultural landscape with the release of her debut solo album, "The Lion and The Cobra," and continues to delight and surprise, challenge and inspire with the sound of her voice and the power of her music.

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Spiers & Boden

Spiers & Boden appearing at this event

John Spiers and Jon Boden are an exciting young pair with tight fiddle and melodeon duos, and powerful singing. Their stature continues to grow as they redefine English Folk, taking you on a journey through raucous tunes, punky, upbeat, rabble-rousing chorus songs, intense ballads and sublime lilting tunes. This and more, delivered with charm, humour, dynamism and spot-on fiddle and melodeon playing. Fresh and fantastic, they are twice winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Duo and guarantee an energetic live set each and every time they take to the stage.

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Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel appearing at this event

Classic rock icon and 'Cockney Rebel', Steve Harley has written and recorded eleven albums in a prolific career covering four decades. In the mid-80s, Steve returned to live performances after serious illness and has been wowing the crowds ever since. Originally formed in 1973, Cockney Rebel had Top 20 hits with 'Judy Teen', 'Mr Soft', 'Mr Raffles', 'Here Comes The Sun' and of course their No.1 'Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)'.

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The Chair

Traditional music ensemble from Orkney comprising twin fiddles, banjo, accordion, guitar, bass and percussion. Melodies from their native Orkney are mashed up with blues, dub and klezmer in an 8-piece riot of fiddles, banjos, accordions and drums. Collectively, the sound approaches the energy levels of a rock gig, yet remains acoustic at heart.

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The Fabulous Good Time Party Boys

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The Selecter

The Selecter appearing at this event

Formed in Coventry in 1979 The Selecter spearheaded the 2-tone movement along with The Specials and Madness. Fronted by Pauline Black, they first hit the airwaves with 'On My Radio', followed by countless other hit singles. Mixing punk, ska and reggae, their debut album 'Too Much Pressure' successfully reflected the social and political issues of the early Thatcher years in Britain and gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide. The band split at the height of their popularity in 1981 but are now reformed and touring again with original lead singers Pauline Black and Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson.

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The Skatalites

The Skatalites appearing at this event

The original Ska legends whose influence in the development of the genre is unparalleled. The band has lasted despite countless line-up changes, delighting audiences around the globe.

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The Staves

The Staves appearing at this event

The Staves are three English sisters whose soaring harmonies hark back to the sweet sounds of Crosby, Stills and Nash. They mould their love of Americana and folk into finely crafted tales of love and loss with gently finger-picked guitar and ukulele, and, at the forefront - their three unique voices.

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The Treacherous Orchestra

The Treacherous Orchestra appearing at this event

Emerging from the vibrant melting-pot of Glasgows 21st-century folk scene, 13-piece supergroup The Treacherous Orchestra take Scottish dance music into a thrilling new dimension. Featuring bagpipes, whistles, flutes, fiddles, accordion, banjo, guitars, bass, drums and percussion, their repertoire consists almost entirely of original tunes. Featuring members Salsa Celtica, The Peatbog Faeries, Session A9 and Box Club, to name but a few.

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The Wonder Stuff

The Wonder Stuff appearing at this event

This West Midlands-based band gained a significant following in the late 1980s with two critically acclaimed albums, 'The Eight Legged Groove Machine' and 'Hup'. Mainstream chart success followed with their third album in 1991, which included the hits 'The Size of a Cow', and 'Dizzy' performed with Vic Reeves. The band split in 1994, but after a seven year sabbatical, they reformed and continue to play their old numbers, along with new material.

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Viv Albertine (The Slits)

Viv Albertine (The Slits) appearing at this event

Main songwriter & guitarist of the Slits; Viv Albertine has persevered with her individual take on life & unusual guitar style. After a long break, Viv returned with a renewed passion and released her 1st E.P 'Flesh' on Thurston Moore's 'Ecstatic Peace' label. Then poured a collection of powerful, provocative & personal songs which became the album: The Vermilion Border. Now a successful author, she mostly performs talks, based on her best-selling books 'Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys' and 'To Throw Away Unopened'.

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Also Appearing

Skamanians, The Emily Brothers, The Moulettes

Escot House at Escot Park

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