Workshop: Telling Each Other's Stories

Workshop: Telling Each Other's Stories

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A workshop for storytellers and story lovers, with Sheila Arnold, Ila Chandavarkar and Shonaleigh Cumbers.

Three distinguished women from different cultures talk about the ways stories can unite and divide us.

Sheila Arnold's session, 'rebirthing a story' describes how she reclaimed a story for black culture.

Ila Chandavarkar will help us look at unconscious bias, assumptions about what is 'normal' and start a discussion about power and privilege, how we can combat negative stereotypes and build better equality and inclusion.

Shonaleigh Cumbers guides us through the ins and outs of telling stories from different traditions and respectful ways of adapting stories for a different audience.

With plenty of chances for participants to talk, ask questions, and pursue the discussion.

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