A Night In With Tawseef Khan

A Night In With Tawseef Khan

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Why are Muslim men portrayed as inherently violent?
Does the veil violate women's rights?
Is Islam stopping Muslims from integrating?

Across western societies, Muslims are more misunderstood than any other minority. But what does it mean to believe in Islam in the twenty-first century, to have forged your beliefs and identity in the shadow of 9/11 and the War on Terror?

Tawseef Khan is a qualified solicitor specialising in immigration and asylum law and a human rights activist with over ten years of experience working on refugee and Muslim issues. Now, he’s written The Muslim Problem, highlighting that while we may think we know all about Islam, we are often wrong about even the most basic facts.

Join Tawseef in conversation with Somali-British activist, politician and former Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid for an urgent and eloquent discussion as he explodes stereotypes, sharing an honest and well-researched exploration of how biases and prejudices affect identity both from within and outside the Muslim community. Tawseef will take apart misconceptions and show what it is really like to be a Muslim today, whilst placing Islamaphobia in historical context and giving powerful insights into one of the most hotly contested and topical issues of our times.

Bold and provocative, this event is both a wake-up call for non-Muslims and a passionate new framework for Muslims to navigate a world that is often set against them.

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