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Alexei Sayle has been performing standup for forty years since the day he invented modern comedy.

He’d like to stay at home with his cat but he’s still really funny, dangerously political and wildly energetic so he feels compelled to do a live tour. The least you can do is to come and see him.


Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle appearing at this event

Actor and scriptwriting for hit TV comedies such as 'The Comic Strip Presents' and 'Stuff'. He was a central part of the alternative comedy circuit in the early 1980s and the first ever MC at The Comedy Store. Now a highly regarded and unique writer across a range of topics and styles from the comic to the disturbing. He was voted the 18th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-ups in 2007. 'Modern Comedy? We owe it all to one man' (Chortle) 'Fearlessly funny... thrills and surprises at every turn' (Metro) 'Splenetic and splendid' (Guardian) 'Still gobby and engagingly self-deprecating' (Evening Standard) 'It's good to have the old Liverpudlian loudmouth back' (The Daily Telegraph) 'A true legend goes back to his roots' (Time Out).

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