Grandmaster Flash

at Dreamland, Margate

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Hip Hop - People, Places & Things

The first hip hop act to ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Grandmaster Flash needs no introduction. A true pioneer of hip-hop, he's the man behind scratching and the quick mix theory who turned hip-hop into a global phenomenon.

Not every DJ gets immortalised in a Blondie song (Rapture), but then there's no one out there like Grandmaster Flash. For his new show, Hip Hop: People, Places and Things, expect incredible visuals and bangers old and new.

Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash appearing at this event

During hiphop's nearly 30 year history, few names have become as well known to music lovers across the globe as that of Grandmaster Flash. Not only is he responsible for inventing the musical genre called hiphop and a worldwide musical culture but his pioneering use of the turntables make him the first DJ to play the turntables as a musical instrument!

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  • 49-51 Marine Terrace
  • Margate
  • CT9 1XL

01843 295887