Cash Bash


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Cash Bash fundraiser in aid of the Miners Community Arts and Music Centre for much needed maintenance to keep the building going.

Please note that the artists appearing may be subject to change.


Andy Wilkinson (aka Smug Roberts)

Andy Wilkinson (aka Smug Roberts) appearing at this event

Also known by his stage name Smug Roberts, Andy is one of Manchester's finest comedians and actors. As seen in 'Phoenix Nights', 'That Peter Kay Thing', 'Mrs Brown's Boys', 'Cold Feet' and the Ken Loach film 'Looking For Eric' Described by Metro as 'an act everyone deserves to see at least once', Smug is a venerated veteran of the British comedy circuit. He is a headline act all over the U.K and is regarded as something of a cult hero in his native Manchester and is a man with genuinely funny bones, able to provoke peals of laughter from a quirky colloquialism or a nonplussed expression, but it is the sheer imagination of his storytelling where he really shines. Anecdotes from his home life as a cuckolded house husband with two teenage kids on hormonal rampage are laced with brilliant punchlines and surreal tangents, including the welcome appearance of a talking dog. He’s also had a minor chart hit with ‘Meat Pie Sausage Roll’ a song that began its life as a comedy routine by Smug on local radio and made it to the heady heights of number 67 in June 1998. Quite the Renaissance man. In 1995, he tried stand-up comedy for the first time at the Frog and Bucket comedy club, adopting the stage name "Smug Roberts"; the "smug" came from an event in his life where people teased him for being a "smug bastard" and the "Roberts" was adapted from his middle name. 'A comedy maestro... the pace, emphasis and rhythm of his delivery is impeccable. A rock solid act guaranteed to entertain' (City Life).

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Archie Kelly

Archie Kelly appearing at this event

Comedy store regular and star of Phoenix Nights, playing 'Kenny'. His vocal dexterity and spot-on voicebox tricks make him an audience favourite. He also starred in the BBC2 show, I Love The 1990s. He has further TV credits including 'Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere', 'Coronation Street', 'Shameless', 'Emmerdale', 'Car Share' and 'The Street'. He is an effortless master of bone dry anecdotes laced with a pinch of well-aimed vitriol and served with a garnish of razor-sharp song parodies. Tawdry cookery analogies aside Mr Kelly is a dynamite comedic entity who will ensure belly laughs a-plenty and is a headline performer throughout Britain and beyond. 'Inspired storytelling and wickedly witty asides mixed with fantastic vocal mimicry' (BBC) 'Funniest thing I've seen in ages' (Peter Kay).

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Terry Christian

Terry Christian appearing at this event

Award winning TV and radio presenter.

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Also Appearing

John Henshaw, The Boardwalk

The Miners Community Arts And Music Centre

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  • Moston
  • Manchester
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