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Mattiel appearing at this event

After moving to Atlanta, Mattiel developed a palette for more diverse musical interests. She developed her vocal style over the course of several years - often alone in her car on long drives to work. She ventured into songwriting after meeting Randy Michael and Jonah Swilley in 2014. As the group began producing more material, a full length album was written and recorded in a span of nine months (not unlike the gestation period of a human baby.) Their process was simple: Michael and Swilley supplied instrumental compositions and handed them over to Mattiel for lyrical content and melodies.

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Honey Harper

Honey Harper appearing at this event

Formerly of Mood Rings and Promise Keeper, Honey Harper is the project of Atlanta-born, London-based musician William Fussell and sees a fresh take on what modern country can be when stripped of the glitz and glamour.

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