at The Windmill, London

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Sunburn #5


Frauds appearing at this event

Post-hardcore noise duo Chris (drums) and Mike (guitar) aka Frauds are wrapped in a Mcluskey-esque chaos! The two-piece create songs that are packed with a fair amount of humour and venom. They want you to have fun. They want you to be angry at the general state of things.

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Ditz appearing at this event

Brighton band Ditz build into a fuzzy overdriven noisy, oscillating distortion with a heart-pounding framework of fuzz-loaded craftsmanship.

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Lazybones appearing at this event

With one fuzzy bass guitar, amplified organ and drums, raw, alt-rock Brighton trio Lazybones create a trashy, unapologetic, to-the-point British sound; inspired by Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols and Chas & Dave, comparable to Queens of the Stone Age and Slaves.

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Twisted Ankle

Twisted Ankle appearing at this event

Cardiff noise punk jazz trio.

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Sugar Horse

Sugar Horse appearing at this event

Sugar Horse is the sound of four socially inept humans soundtracking your disappointing transition into adult life. Formed in 2016, Sugar Horse draw on their shared love of self destructive behaviours and cognitive dissonance to create incoherent pop songs drowned in bleak soundscapes and visceral rhythms. Horrible music played arrogantly loud.

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Gaygirl appearing at this event

Gaygirl are a London based quartet making dark, melodic pop.

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Also Appearing

Suitman Jungle, Kendo Nagasaki, Table Scraps

The Windmill

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  • Brixton
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