This event has been and gone.

Ninjafest was born in 2002. It was never a festival to turn up to and show off your newest pair of trainers or discuss the latest hyped bands pink and black limited edition 7inches.

It's a weekend full of kids who loved the hardcore scene because of how it made you feel when you were there – exactly the same as everyone else, whether it be a band, a guest or someone working behind the scenes.

The bands who play do so because you like them and because their energy and passion on stage would create the atmosphere that cannot be emulated in any other music scene.

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Breaking Point

4-piece hard rock/metal band from Bradford.

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The Underworld

  • 174 Camden High Street
  • Camden
  • London
  • NW1 0NE
020 7482 1932
Disabled Booking:
020 7482 1932