Sports Reillustrated Present Rematch of the Day: It's Coming Home to June 18th 1996

at The Dome, London

Includes booking fee

In North London on Saturday 2nd May 2020 Sports Reillustrated host their inaugural event ‘Rematch of the Day: June 18th, 1996’. 

Sports Reillustrated aims to turn the clock back to some of the most glorious sporting events of years gone by.  Offering fans an immersive experience and a step back in time to watch, nay - RELIVE - some of the greatest days and sporting moments

First up is ‘Rematch of the Day: June 18th, 1996’ on Saturday May 2nd 2020.  Fans will be taken back to the blue-sky days of June 1996 and the month where football (at least for month) truly came home. There will be football on show (the greatest football match ever told perhaps?) but also everything else that evokes the memory of ‘96 from the music to the food, basically the whole culture of the time. Expect excitement, surprises and a bloody wonderful evening! 

Put simply, we'll be taking you for a glorious moment back to 1996... And all that it entails.

Dress code: Get back to '96!

The Dome

  • 2a Dartmouth Park Hill
  • Tufnell Park
  • London
  • NW5 1HL


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