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All In A Family

This show was rescheduled from 28th September 2020 and moved from Southbank Centre.

Spend an unforgettable evening of harmonizing vocals, guitar, and humorous stories with Grammy Award-winning American Folk legend Loudon Wainwright III and acclaimed singer-songwriters Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche.

For fifty years Loudon Wainwright III has written and recorded songs about the topic of ‘The Family’, from 1969’s “Be Careful There’s A Baby In the House” right up to last summer’s “Family Vacation”.

The Wainwright and Roche families make up a musical nexus. Over the years they’ve all shared many stages and sung on each other’s records. Suzzy Roche and Loudon Wainwright III met in 1976, a few years before The Roches made their auspicious and brilliant debut with their eponymous 1st album. In 1981 their daughter Lucy Wainwright Roche was born. A few years later Suzzy and Loudon split up, but today, in addition to being proud parents, they are the very dearest of friends.

On the “All In A Family” tour they will be singing their own songs, but will also perform the work of songwriters they admire, including Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Baker Knight. Loudon suggests you Google that last guy!

Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III appearing at this event

A songwriting legend loved by generations of music fans for his uniquely joyful songs. He is one of music's eternal survivors, alarmingly prolific and always revered for the way humour and dignity shine through his work in a recording career which has produced 23 albums. His poignant sensitivity never descends into sentimentality, the humanity and warmth of his character are the one constant. Loudon is always touching, funny, unpredictable and brilliant.

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Suzzy Roche

Having had a profound influence on many musicians, Suzzy now explores more personal themes since cutting loose from The Roches.

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Lucy Wainwright Roche

Lucy Wainwright Roche appearing at this event

Daughter of Loundon Wainwright III and Suzzy Roche. She draws inspiration from tradtional folk songs as well as pop and rock music.

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