Peggy Gou: Gou Talk

at Printworks, London

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Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou appearing at this event

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Octave One

Octave One appearing at this event

Electronic Dance Music band of brothers made up of Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden (with revolving members of Lynell, Lorne, and Lance Burden) from Detroit, Michigan. They are known for their impressive and immersive, fully live shows. Their recorded output has come exclusively on influential labels Tresor and their own 430 West and has very much defined the techno trends of the day. From hard edged to tripped out, futuristic to soulful, they have done it all and then some.

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HAAi appearing at this event

Whilst having little profile outside the realm of East London, HAAi is no stranger to high profile DJing. Starting as a collector of mostly African and Turkish records, HAAi went on to discover nuances of dance music which would soon evolve and enhance her sets. Though unique, her ability to make people move is on par with some of the most illustrious of selectors.

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Romy (The XX) DJ Set

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DMX Krew

Over the years, Ed has released five DMX Krew albums on the Rephlex label, spanning electro, pop and more experimental sounds, never following current trends and always forging his own musical direction. His most recent on the label was the 'Collapse of the Wave Function' mini-LP released in July, an album based around the 'Copenhagen Interpretation' of quantum physics.

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DJ Deniro

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Derrick May

Derrick May appearing at this event

Derrick's love of innovation in electronic music has led him to become one of the world's leading techno pioneers, working alongside the likes of Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins, and introducing the talents of Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin and Stacey Pullen to his Transmat label.

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Also Appearing

Suzanne Kraft, DJ Richard, Hiver


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  • Surrey Quays Road
  • London
  • SE16 7PJ