Jungle Fever 26th Birthday & Kool 28th Birthday

at Oval Space, London

This event has been and gone.

Two events / Two venues (Oval Space and Canvas Warehouse, opposite each other) / One ticket



Brockie appearing at this event

Resident drum'n'bass DJ with Dreamscape who began his career on the pirate radio Kool FM. He now runs Undiluted Records and plays hard, rolling and aggressive drum'n'bass.

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MC Det

Accomplished MC best known as the voice of Red Snapper.

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Ragga Twins

The men behind classic old skool anthem Hooligan 69, the Ragga Twins have spread the talents throughout dance music for over a decade. Producers, MC's, DJs and talented recording artists in their own right.

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Kenny Ken

A DJ for well over a decade and an ambassador for drum'n'bass worldwide. His sets are as surprising as they are earcatching, and have earnt him respect everywhere.

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Remarc appearing at this event

Jungle veteran with New Breed.

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Uncle Dugs

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Drum'n'bass MC. One of the best around.

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Skibadee appearing at this event

Bearing the mantle of ‘the most innovative personality in Drum & Bass’, MC Skibadee has never been one to rest on his laurels; constantly pushing creative boundaries, his high-energy technique has safeguarded his dominance of the MC scene for over ten years, continually surging from strength to strength due to a consistent desire to incorporate fresh ideas in his work. His work on the mic began in 1994, once again indebted to the mighty Kool FM for early exposure thanks to a show co-hosted with DJ Wildchild. A novel presence on the airwaves, unprecedented phone-line response materialised for his shows and paved the way for ascendancy to the club arena, soon featuring regularly at events including Thunder & Joy, Spirit Of The Jungle and eventually City Sound Radio. By the end of 1995 he could list residencies for Kool FM, Fever, Thunder & Joy, Malachite, Electrybe, NJC, designer label Ball and Innersense amongst his repertoire.

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Ratpack appearing at this event

The kings of old skool, Ratpack are immortalised in clubbing history thanks to rave anthem 'Searchin' For My Rizla'. Still bridging the gap between underground drum'n'bass rhythms and the more commercial edge of clubbing.

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Billy Daniel Bunter

Billy Daniel Bunter appearing at this event

Billy Daniel Bunter carved his way into underground dance music scene in the early 90s and was integral to the rise of hard house in the UK. His background in hardcore shaped his sets' development, pushing and twisting them into his trademark sound; trancecore. He plays regularly at house and trance events and continues to take his sound in interesting, innovative and new directions.

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Moose appearing at this event

Aka Moussa Clarke, a true international by birth and upbringing, Moose has played everywhere, and has a versatility that has kept him at the cutting edge for more than a decade. Growing up amid a melting pot of classical, reggae and pop music, his eclectic musical upbringing is reflected in his deliberately varied sound. Moose is also a prolific producer with over 100 records to his name.

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Nicky Blackmarket

Nicky Blackmarket appearing at this event

A drum'n'bass DJ with Blackmarket Records in Soho whose ability and knowledge is self evident.

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Food Junky

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Funky Flirt

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MC Foxy

Resident DJ at Castro, Spank and Club X.

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Also Appearing

Potential Bad Boy, Shabba D , Co Gee, DJ SL , Junior Dangerous , Devious D , Shockin B, Blacka , Lavery , Tamsin , Ash , Choppah, Remadee , Yush , DJ Uno, Rieo Sky , Q Gritty, Mello D , Lipton, Illmatika, Dark Phoenix , Infinity, Tony C

Oval Space

  • 29-32 The Oval
  • London
  • E2 9DY

020 7183 4422