Beautiful Badness

at Nell's, London

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Beautiful Badness

Beautiful Badness appearing at this event

In his Brussels-based band Beautiful Badness, the singer and songwriter Gabriel Sesboué tells the story of a child of the nineties. With a perfect falsetto, shaped by hours of listening to Jeff Buckley, Gabriel combines the universes of his heroes like Rufus Wainwright, Anthony & The Johnsons, the complex structures of Queen, and the melancholy of Saint-Saens, Berlioz and Fauré. With vocal polyphony, like in the acappella song Silent & Still, and keyboard arpeggios as in Blackbird in the storm, Beautiful Badness takes us on a journey that explores the issues of being a thirty-something year old. How to accept the passing of time. How to leave childhood and the simpler time, where people listened to music on home-made mixtapes and things were beautiful rather than “instagrammable”. How to deal with the paradox of being the first generation to use social networks - and the last to remember what it was like to live without them.

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  • 3 North End Crescent
  • West Kensington
  • London
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