Jerry Sadowitz


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Jerry Sadowitz - comedian magician psychopath- is the perfect antidote to man made viruses designed to slow down climate change by ridding the world of people like you! Whether you've had the Coronavirus or just thinking about it… come and aerate your lungs at the world's no.1 offensive forced isolating, comedy scare mongerer!

This show was rescheduled from 7th August 2020.


Jerry Sadowitz

Jerry Sadowitz appearing at this event

The nightmare continues... Highly offensive stand-up and sleight of hand skills combine to produce a show that uniquely defies audience appeal. Please note that while his act has been successfully 'middle-classifed' by other performers, they have all since contracted the ebola virus and regularly pass it on to their audiences. You can do the right thing for yourself and see this show instead.

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Leicester Square Theatre

  • 6 Leicester Place
  • Leicester Square
  • London
  • WC2H 7BX

020 7734 2222
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