Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango

£19.25 - £24.75

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This show was rescheduled from 6th March 2021.


Fuel Fandango

Fuel Fandango is a music duo formed in 2009 by DJ and producer Ale Acosta and Córdoba singer Nita, whose music style could be described as "organic electronic music with hints of funk and flamenco”. Fuel Fandango´s sound is fresh but vintage at the same time, gracefully blending funk with electronica and rock with pop in a natural way that combines synthesizers with guitars and drums. Their lyrics, backed up by a robust production, are beautifully elaborated and unabashed when mixing elements of electronic dance music with rock guitar sounds, pop melodies and subtle touches of flamenco. They are spectacular on the stage and are always accompanied by very good musicians and Flamenco musical and aesthetic elements. They deliver great performances and have a rocking attitude and drive, eager to please every audience with their most danceable repertoire.

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Islington Assembly Hall

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  • Islington
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020 7527 8900
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