Bang Face XLIX -Rip me A New One

at Electrowerkz, London

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Modeselektor appearing at this event

Modeselektor are Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, two bon vivants from Berlin who have been making humour-dipped, musically-exciting and dance-stimulating night-time entertainment for nearly ten years.

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Evol Intent

Hardcore, dirty, dark drum and bass.

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Shut Up And Dance

Legends, artists and mixers of the rave scene, tunes such as 'Raving I'm Raving' and 'The Green Man' ensured SUAD's immortality. It's not all nostalgia though; SUAD's new material has pleased the underground music press and mainstream radio, with a new breakbeat, garagesque direction.

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One of the reasons of Panacea's success is his leading idea of the Anti-Principle. Against all rules and musical classifications he invents his own revolutionary style out of drum'n'bass, Industrial, deathmetal, speedcore, techno, breakbeats and rave: Techstep-Punk is the keyword! Performing live, Panacea unveils diabolic forces to move the crowd and push the audience to the boundaries.

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Knifehandchop is Tornoto composer/producer Billy Pollard dropping hard beats on top of melodies, noise and lots of choice samples taking in jungle, electro, pop, hip-hop, gabber and game music.

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Otto Von Shirach

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French dup delivering heavy broken breakbeats, punk vocals and harsh noise guitars, broken bits and funky bass.

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Saint Acid

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Also Appearing

The Hard Crew


  • 7 Torrens Street
  • Islington
  • London
  • EC1V 1NQ

020 7278 9081

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