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Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill appearing at this event

Andrew's combination of sci-fi twists on real life, long hair and impeccable manners have led him being revered on the London comedy circuit. Activist, misanthrope and transvestite waxes comical about the decline of British industry. 'One of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance' (Timeout) 'So funny I put him on my new TV show' (Steve Coogan) '... talented, intelligent and unique. Bringing the spirit of the alternative '80s back into the comedy circuit' (Dazed & Confused) 'clever comedy for those who like their laughs original, off-kilter and cliché-free' (Three Weeks) '... comedian, metalhead, amateur occultist and musician... Sharp, artistic and unique, his innate confidence and fondness of absurdity leaves his audiences feeling full of glee' (Funhouse Comedy).

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Eleanor Tiernan

Eleanor Tiernan appearing at this event

Eleanor Tiernan abandoned her civil engineering training to become a stand-up in 2004 – and within her first year appeared on RTE’s The Liffey Laughs and BBC’s One Night Stand. In 2007, she starred in the Edinburgh Fringe play Help!, and made her solo show debut the following year. She then played to more than 120,000 people as the support act for her cousin, Tommy Tiernan, on his Bovinity tour, She also played the ditzy waitress, Emer, on RTE2’s youth-orientated chat show The Cafe. 'The fastest-rising comedy talent in the country' (Irish Times) 'Her laid back delivery and engaging stories are both interesting and unique' (Finhouse Comedy) 'Eleanor Tiernan is far and away the best comic actress I have seen on stage' (Hot Press Ireland).

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Michael Brunström

Michael Brunström appearing at this event

I'm an alternative comedian based in London. I devise and perform surrealist stunts and skits. These have titles such as: "What If Noel Edmonds Were a Cello?" "The Ironic Trowel" "The Mystery of Fennel" "Hula Hoop Hamlet" "Homage to Sir Alexander Fleming" "Gargling the Gettysburg Address While Nailing Grapes to Ted Cruz's Face" I've written and performed five full-length shows: "The Human Loire" (Edinburgh Fringe 2014) "The Golden Age of Steam" (Edinburgh Fringe 2015) "The Hay Wain Reloaded" (Edinburgh Fringe 2016) "Parsley" (Edinburgh Fringe 2017) "The Great Fire of London" (Camden Fringe 2018) “World of Sports” (Edinburgh Fringe 2019) I am a regular member of the Weirdos Collective (Chortle Award winners 2018), DLCF Liberty Award nominees 2016). I've performed for the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Laugh Out London, Knock2Bag and many more.

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Hannah Platt

Hannah Platt appearing at this event

A rising star on the North West circuit Platt has been described as a 'Liverpudlian Daria'. Dark and twisted her comedy is stone cold dead pan delivered in pocket size form.

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Karl Schultz

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Alexander Bennett

Alexander Bennett appearing at this event

Alexander Bennett has been performing comedy from the age of 15, and is a rising star on the British alternative comedy scene. He has performed with the popular and acclaimed comedy groups ACMS and Weirdos. '... the inimitable and ‘slightly mad’ Alexander Bennett, with his enjoyably unusual material...' (Funhouse Comedy) ‘Witty, weird and dark, the one to watch out for: at the spearhead of a wave of great new comics. All hail Alexander Bennett!’ (Harry Hill) 'Touched with madness... choice laughs... I don't think I can begin to do him justice’ (Chortle).

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