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Prowler appearing at this event

Since 2002 Prowler have been at the absolute forefront of London hardcore with their ultra heavy blend of metallic hardcore. Reminiscent of 90s metallic hardcore bands like Visions Of Disorder and Hatebreed, Prowler write heavy bangers for the dance floor. It's music to bang your head to, spin your kick to and grab the mic to, absolutely soaked in dive-bombs, wah pedal solos and enough mosh parts to demolish Wembley.

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Hawser is a 4 four piece hardcore band from Dordrecht, a city near the western coast of The Netherlands. They formed in the winter of 2011 and since then the band has been writing dark and heavy tracks, wanting to spread their message in a world grown cold. 2012 was the year that things started to take form. The first songs were written and a solid bond within the band became reality. The first shows came and went. Sharing the stage with big bands, local bands, heading out to Europe for the first time, making friends along the way, all these experiences gave the band a confidence to push through.

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