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Tom Parry

Stand up comedian, playwright and occasional actor, who has been a Laughing Horse New Act semi-finalist. 'Parry is Lord of Misrule' (The Guardian).

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Rebekka Turner

A bizarre mix of word play and eccentric thoughts. Her themes tend to focus around pop culture and food. She is greatly inspired by sketch and wordy humour to get her stories across. Making the oddest of observations about the most eccentric of ideas. She is very eccentric.

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Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill appearing at this event

Andrew's combination of sci-fi twists on real life, long hair and impeccable manners have led him being revered on the London comedy circuit. Activist, misanthrope and transvestite waxes comical about the decline of British industry. 'One of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance' (Timeout) 'So funny I put him on my new TV show' (Steve Coogan) '... talented, intelligent and unique. Bringing the spirit of the alternative '80s back into the comedy circuit' (Dazed & Confused) 'clever comedy for those who like their laughs original, off-kilter and cliché-free' (Three Weeks) '... comedian, metalhead, amateur occultist and musician... Sharp, artistic and unique, his innate confidence and fondness of absurdity leaves his audiences feeling full of glee' (Funhouse Comedy).

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Also Appearing

Dan Pitts

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