Liverpool Calling 2018

at Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

This event has been and gone.

Liverpool Calling is back and this time they're taking over the ever-growing cultural area of the Baltic Triangle (near the Albert Dock and Echo Arena).

A full day of live music involving tonnes of nationally-recognised artists and the best local and emerging bands from the Merseyside area.

Please visit www.facebook.com/LiverpoolCallingFestival/ for more information.


Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses appearing at this event

Riotous Leeds four-piece whose punk/metal crossover pays more than a slight homage to the sounds of Seattle. Their speed-fuelled thunderous guitars and high-octane vocals draw comparisons to a crazier Queens Of The Stone Age, an artier At The Drive-In or a shoutier Shellac. With crazy song titles 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat', 'I've Got Guestlist To Rory O'Hara's Suicide' and 'Back To The F**k Yeah', the Leeds noisesmiths have a mischievous sense of humour beneath their screeching hardcore jams.

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The Wytches

The Wytches appearing at this event

This is the psychedelic nightmare spun by The Wytches, who are spreading their subversive message across England in the dark guise of 50s surf riffs, desert whips, melancholic shuffles and a kaleidoscopic stage performance that will put you under.

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Will Varley

Will Varley appearing at this event

Will Varley is a folksinger/ poet/ storyteller and novelist from London. He has been a stalwart of the Acoustic/Folk scene since his early teens, playing hundreds of gigs in England and Ireland and supporting some huge names along the way. He's picked up a whole host of new fans including folk guru Mike Harding and BBC Introducing presenter Tom Simmons.

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Sheafs appearing at this event

Sheffield's SHEAFS pack punches with blistering riffs and instantly addictive hooks that hark back to the glory days of regional indie in their 4-minute whirlwinds of guitar-led goodness. They're already gaining hype across the blogosphere thanks to killer tracks like Mind Pollution and This Is Not a Protest, and now's the time to catch them before they're selling out arenas across Europe.

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Demob Happy

Demob Happy appearing at this event

This four piece Brighton band have the perfect balance of pop style vocals and well timed breakdowns, ensuring that their tracks never leave it's indie rock vibes. This talented band sound a bit like early Strokes with a dash of Queens Of The Stone Age. "Demob Happy are rock giants in the making" - NME. "A mega-dose of Muse-nodding stadium ambition" - DIY

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Sœur appearing at this event

Breaking hard-rock down to its simplest, most fundamental form, Sœur are a brutal, soulful assault on the senses. Bound together and battle-hardened by an experience and appreciation of the fringes of British rock music, Anya Pulver, Tina Maynard and James Collins have already found their incendiary live shows selling out in dive bars and clubs across their native South West. With vocal lines that tangle and intertwine, riffs so substantial they’ve got their own post code, and a beat - provided by former Maybeshewill drummer James Collins - that ties everything down with industrial power, this is a sound of colossal proportions.

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False-Heads appearing at this event

East London three-piece playing lofi psych/garage grooves signed to the label of Gary Powell from The Libertines. Think Frank Black impersonating Ian Dury after stealing Elliott Smith's notebook; add in a backdrop of Kurt jamming with The Buzzcocks and you're just starting to get the picture of what the newest pretenders to the post-millennial punk rock throne have in store.

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Himalayas appearing at this event

Welsh Indie-Rock four-piece, Himalayas, offer seductive guitar lines, hip bass parts that will groove you to the core all driven by an avalanche of drums. The songs are melodic and fresh with cheeky lyrics and hook lines so catchy you can hang your hat on them.

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Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels appearing at this event

Birmingham quartet who combine the power and intensity of indie rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues. “There's something about this type of music that feels raw, Southern, and whiskey-soaked" - Indie Shuffle

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Strange Bones

Strange Bones appearing at this event

Strange Bones consist of the Bentham brothers - Bobby (vocals, guitar), Jack (guitars) and Will (bass), and Nathan Sanderson (drums). They collectively grew up on an awe-inspiring diet of everything from 70’s street punk to jungle. Singer Bobby Bentham describes the band as “a commentary on the hyper-normalisation of modern society, our reliance on self-medication and self-built technological utopias in a world of accelerated modernity.” Hypnotised by performances from the likes of Black Flag, UK-Subs and Hawkwind, the sense of community combined with blistering energy is something Strange Bones endeavor to recreate at their notoriously ferocious live shows.

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Avalanche Party

Avalanche Party appearing at this event

Hard, fast, blood-pumping garage-punk from the wild North Yorkshire moors, jam packed with screeching guitars and plenty of shouting.

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Peaness appearing at this event

Featuring an all-girl line-up of Jessica Branney, Rachel Williams and Carleia Balbenta, three piece indie-pop band Peaness formed in Chester in late 2014. The trio have gigged extensively up and down the country with their unique and upbeat brand of indie pop that has more hooks, charm and depth than a dozen identikit indie-boy bores. The band have won the hearts of unsuspecting listeners across the length and breadth of the DIY scene, right through to BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Expect effortless breezy melodies, catchy hooks, even catchier choruses and lyrics that come with a cheeky wink and tongue in cheek innocence. Once you put it all together you’re left with what fans are christening Pea-Pop.

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SPQR appearing at this event

Making vicious, emotionally mature art rock that’s as deeply layered as it is visceral, they’re a band as likely to break your heart on record as they are to tear your face off live, with frontman Peter Harrison’s nuanced songwriting and impressive vocal range possessing an emotional depth seldom found in such a young artist. A band of weird-rock misfits are equally at home delivering tight, staccato grooves as they are expansive hip-shaking choruses, with rhythm section Bex Denton and Jack Sanders providing the perfect foundation for Harrison’s freaky guitar colourations and his intensely passionate, crystal-clear voice. Pin-balling erratically from hellbent rock to masterfully adept emotive soundscapes, theirs is a sonic arsenal littered with diversity, be it tender balladry, lurching epics, or out-and-out primal anger.

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Thom Morecroft

Played on 6music and described by ex-editor of NME, Q, Mojo and Word Paul Du Noyer as “cheering and addictive”, Thom Morecroft is a distinctive singer-songwriter from Shrewsbury, precariously hidden away somewhere along Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. Having released two EPs in 2016 and just finished a co-headlining tour of the UK with satirical songwriter Chris Tavener, Thom is currently recording new material and will be touring Germany in May 2018.

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The Jackobins

The Jackobins appearing at this event

'Rugged and raw indie that wouldn’t be out of place on one of those awesome ‘Shine’ compilations that ran throughout the 90’s. Barely over one year old and picking up listeners by the bucket-load, The Jackobins stand a strong chance of really asserting themselves on a much larger scale.' The five piece LIverpool band take their influences from bands including The Doors, Jack White and Pink Floyd.

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Emily Capell

Emily Capell appearing at this event

North-west Londoner Emily Capell combines her influences from Dolly Parton to the Clash to produce a new sound somewhere between country, ska and pop.

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Elevant appearing at this event

Formed by songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and boss of Elevant’s own label, Michael Edward, Elevant began as a recording project with multi-instrumentalists Tom Shand and Joe Hutchinson on drums and bass respectively. The idea was to record like Steve Albini would have bands record: make the band sound tight as hell and cut as much of it as possible live to capture the power, spontaneity and visceral thrill of a kick ass band in full flight, nailing tracks first take straight out the box. Unsurprisingly, this approach lead to the itch for live performance becoming overwhelming. Now, with a tour booked, Elevant is no longer just a recording project. Elevant also aims to take influences in uncommon combinations. For instance, Michael takes the idea of Sonic Youth’s using screwdrivers on guitars and re-contextualizing them in album opener Inhale/Exhale, using the tool melodiously, the band then combining it with krautrock rhythm and crushing bombast reminiscent of grunge and hard rock. Lyrically, the band meditates on the pressures of modern life and its effects on individuals, addressing money, family, drug abuse and death with heartfelt honesty.

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Michael Bennett

Michael is an acoustic performer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Taking influence from Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler. Michael has shared a stage with Jake Bugg, Willy Mason, Lucy Rose & The 1975 in recent years. He is also Songwriter, Vocalist and Guitarist for Motion Tourist & The Great Escape.

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Also Appearing

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