To Those Born Later

at The Holbeck, Leeds

This event has been and gone.

What message would you send to the people living in 150 years time?
What image of our world would you want to preserve for them to see?
What do you want your legacy to be, what would you pass down and what stories will history tell about these times we're living through?

It is 150 years from now, when none of us will be around. Imagine that you are a future generation – your children's children's children's children – and you have discovered a time capsule that was buried beneath The Holbeck in 2017. Contained inside this, on an antique memory stick, are messages of hope and warning sent from today to a future generation. Join us in 2167 as we open the capsule to reveal the images from amongst the digital noise and decipher the corrupted information left for us to find 150 years ago.

Every show will be different, made especially for each audience and theatre and the content of the time capsule will have been sent in, written or chosen by the people in the room, or curated from the growing archive of messages to the future that Uninvited Guests will be collecting on their tour.

This is a work-in-progress, an opportunity to see an early version of Uninvited Guests' new show & feed into its development.

The Holbeck

  • Jenkinson Lawn
  • Leeds
  • LS11 9QX

0113 226 0808