Temple Of Boom, Leeds Events

Temple Of Boom has grown to now hold three varied capacity venue rooms, a bar, vegan cafe, rehearsal rooms, full recording/mastering studio and private band accommodation. Temple Of Boom has had no outside investment other than the custom from their dedicated scene. The profits from the business are invested back into the space. DIY or DIE. Over the years hundreds of bands have played across the ever-changing rooms at Temple Of Boom. Notable acts include: Code Orange, Your Demise, Infest, Moose Blood, Harley CRO-MAGS Flanagan, Evergreen Terrace, Power Trip, Broken Teeth, Voorhees, Army Of Freshmen, Me Vs Hero, Iron Reagon, Wormrot, ROAM, Discharge, The Stupids, Scream, Negative Approach, Death By Stereo, Citizens Arrest, Merauder, Cannabis Corpse, Ignite, Poison Idea, Drug Church, Sheer Terror, Voivod, Full Of Hell, Backtrack, Battery, Cryptopsy, Siege, TTNG, Canvas UKHC, Karma To Burn, No Tolerance, Gatecreeper, Employed To Serve, Dropdead, 88 Fingers Louie, Kevin 7 Seconds & Suffocation. Total building capacity: 250.