Forest Of Sound All-Dayer

Forest Of Sound All-Dayer

at Left Bank, Leeds

This event has been and gone.

Glissando will be performing as a full band.



Sometimes a duo, sometimes with a full band, Glissando create piano-led ambient soundscapes with beautifully haunting vocals.

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Epic45 appearing at this event

'Ethereal guitar workouts' with a post rock edge. Multi-instrumental harmonies evoking the ghost of a lazy summer afternoon. The band is a home recording project/collective based around the ideas and inspiration of childhood friends Rob Holton and Rob Glover, as a group they have had a few different line ups.

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The Declining Winter

Electronica-indie 5-piece featuring the co-founders of leftfield musical pioneers Hood with Low and Durutti Column influences.

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Sleepingdog appearing at this event

Sleepingdog is the project of Belgium-based songstress Chantal Acda. Celestial vocals and maudlin piano melodies.

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Ithaca Trio

An ever shifting group of people, Ithaca Trio also manage to cover a variety of styles in their music - ranging from slow burning deep ambient pieces or real instrumentation.

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Also Appearing

Brave Timbers

Left Bank

Cardigan Road