Elder Druid

at Boom, Leeds

This event has been and gone.

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Brought to you by Heathen Mirth Promotions + Plain Living Promotions is the first of four nights of Doom in England in its various manifestations, featuring Occult Sludge/Doom from Elder Druid, Northern Sludge maestros Barbarian Hermit and Psych Doom in the shape of Satlan. Local support courtesy of Gandalf the Green.
 ELDER DRUID (Belfast)
Elder Druid is a 5-piece doom/sludge band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They formed in early 2015 and have since released 3 EPs and a full length album, the latter two being released on Jon Davis from Conan's Black Bow Records label.
They have toured extensively throughout the UK and Ireland sharing stages with bands such as Conan, Monolord, Bad Kush, Dead Witches, AHAB and Slomatics.
Their upcoming full length 'Golgotha' is due out before the end of 2019 and will be the band's second studio album.
“Conjures the fuzzed-out, hazy heft of everyone from Down at their most vengeful, Come My Fanatics-era Wizard, hints of very early Melvins and Kyuss circa Wretch” - The Thin Air
Barbarian Hermit (affectionately known as 'Babs') are a sludge metal five- piece from Manchester, UK, known for 'giving it some bastard' and bringing that thick, Northern gravy. Their sound is a heady mixture of colossal grooves and chunky, downtuned riffs with a progressive edge. Never ones to be pigeonholed, they are just at comfortable navigating moments of serene beauty as they are throwing the hammer down along their sonic journey.
Having already released an EP, 'One' in 2016, in 2018 they returned, after a lineup shuffle, to release their debut album Solitude and savagery on APF Records. Recorded at the legendary Skyhammer Studios by Chris Fielding (Conan, Boss Keloid), and artwork by illustrator MR Hass, it received glowing reviews upon release in publications such as Kerrang!, The Sludgelord and Distorted Sound Magazine.
SATLAN (London)
Satlan (Hebrew slang for 'Stoner') are a psychedelic doom foursome based in London with a multi-nationality identity, which is reflected in their playful, melodic yet thick and juicy riff-lead sound. Having originally formed in 2015, Satlan still features founding members Soozi Chameleone and Roy Nadel but has seen a number of lineup changes, finally settling with current bassist Alex Monad and Drummer James Loh, the latter joining at the end of 2018 and thus enabling the band to start working towards entering the studio to record their debut release.
Soozi's vitriolic yet euphonious vocals pleasantly dance alongside Roy's inventive riffs that give off a touch of Middle Eastern flavour. Alex's superlative bass lines keep the aural senses entertained as he weaves in and out of the other elements whilst remaining solid with James' impressive and proficient drumming. Soozi enjoys writing lyrics about less-than-pleasant characters from various points in history, aliens and enduring disorders of the mind.
Satlan began the process of recording their first release at Livingston Studios (part of the Miloco group) in London and are currently adding the final touches to what is sounding like a beautifully produced yet heavily resounding record, which they plan to release during the first half of 2020.
GANDALF THE GREEN (Huddersfield)
Taking influence from bands like Conan, Yob and Sleep, Gandalf the Green's aim is to make slow music that is as heavy as they can possibly make it, dropping into spacey ambiance and then back to crushing riffs again. The trio wanted to take a less dark and evil approach to stoner/doom metal in favour something a bit more colourful, weird a psychedelic. Music which uplifts as opposed to bringing the mood down. Lyrical themes include Lord of the Rings, time, consciousness, and not being very sober. As someone once eloquently put it, "the brutality of Mordor with the serenity of the Shire".
Gandalf the Green started in guitarist/vocalist Andy Flint's bedroom in 2015 when the guys were all just 16 years old. "We'd previously been in a deathcore band together and knew we all liked slow and heavy music, so got together and started rehearsing with ghetto equipment in Andy's bedroom in Huddersfield (UK). The band name came from a firend who's just bought a Gandalf- type pipe and we found the pun hilarious for a stoner doom band, so we used it".
Gandalf the Green released their debut EP 'King of the Ashes in September 2016 as a 4-piece band with two guitarists, though soon after they split with their drummer and put Jack Walker behind the kit as a trio. After that things began moving properly. Since then, the three lads have been gigging more and worsening their tinnitus by turning everything up even louder.
Gandalf the Green recently signed with APF Records, with their first release as a partnership being 13 minute stoner/doom epic "A Billion Faces"



  • Byron Street Mills
  • Leeds
  • LS2 7QG