Genesis Visible Touch

at The Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa

This event has been and gone.

Please note: Info provided by the Event Organiser

To anyone who had already bought tickets for or was planning on coming to either of these shows next year, we're really sorry to announce that the venue has closed very suddenly, and these two dates have had to be cancelled. This from MJR, the venue managers:

"It is with deep regret that The MJR Group has made the decision to close The Assembly & Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa with immediate effect.
Even after a record-breaking quarter one and quarter two this year, the current level of rent and rates on the property, alongside the repairs and upkeep that are needed to maintain a Grade 2 listed building, unfortunately make the business unviable and unsustainable. These issues are impacting the venue community at large and we have felt these challenges the most in Leamington.
All upcoming shows in The Assembly/Zephyr diary will either be rehoused or cancelled, and full refunds processed. For further information please email"

Unfortunately the GVT shows at Leamington cannot be rehoused and so they have had to be cancelled. For anyone who had already bought tickets, Huge Apologies from everyone in the GVT camp; we're afraid this is totally outside of our control and not something we would have ever wanted to happen. It's always a huge loss to any community when a venue closes, but GVT also have some very special memories courtesy of the fantastic audiences we got in there, and are very sad to see this happen.

Please message the above MJR email address for a full refund, and keep us posted over the refund process so we can help if any problems occur.

Apologies again and huge thanks for your understanding

P.S. This does not affect any of our other shows in 2019 or 2020!


Genesis Visible Touch (Tribute Band)

Genesis Visible Touch (Tribute Band) appearing at this event

Genesis Visible Touch, The Collins-era show Genesis Visible Touch are the ultimate Collins-era Genesis show. “Top drawer musical performances and exemplary vocals, matched with leading production values …a live show not to be missed!” (Dave Hutchins, studio engineer on Genesis’ album: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) Featuring songs from: We Can't Dance / Invisible Touch / Genesis / Abacab / Duke / And Then There Were Three / Wind and Wuthering / A Trick of the Tail / The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway / Selling England by the Pound

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The Zephyr Lounge

  • 2A Spencer Street
  • Leamington Spa
  • CV31 3NE

01926 311 311