The Bowie Xperience announced 5 new events

Last modified: Tue 14th Jun 11:55AM

The Bowie Xperience just announced five new UK tour dates. The run of events commences at Independent in Sunderland on Saturday 20th August 2022 and finishes at The Old Bakery Studios in Truro on Saturday 23rd September 2023. There are also dates in Lichfield, Penzance and Coventry.

They are joined on the road by Meiosis in Sunderland on Saturday 20th August 2022.

New tour date listings are as follows:

  • Saturday 20th August - Independent, Sunderland with Meiosis
  • Thursday 27th October - The Feathers, Lichfield
  • Friday 10th February - The Acorn, Penzance
  • Saturday 15th April - hmv Empire, Coventry
  • Saturday 23rd September - The Old Bakery Studios, Truro
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