Simon Munnery announced 6 new tour dates

Last modified: Wed 16th Oct 10:25am

Simon Munnery just announced six new UK tour dates. The run of gigs starts at The Firebug in Leicester on Friday 21st February 2020 and finishes at Rondo Theatre in Bath on Thursday 9th April 2020. There are also dates in Maidenhead, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Oxford.

Simon Munnery last went on tour in the UK quite recently, finshing in October of this year.

New tour date listings are as follows:

  • Friday 21st February - The Firebug, Leicester
  • Saturday 22nd February - Norden Farm Centre for The Arts, Maidenhead
  • Tuesday 17th March - The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh
  • Wednesday 18th March - The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow
  • Tuesday 7th April - The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford
  • Thursday 9th April - Rondo Theatre, Bath
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