Leo Sayer announced 4 new tour dates

Last modified: Thu 2nd Jan 1:36pm

Leo Sayer just announced four new UK tour dates. The run of events commences at Millennium Forum Theatre in Derry on Monday 9th March 2020 and finishes at The Concorde Club & Ellington Lodge in Eastleigh on Friday 18th September 2020. There are also dates in Belfast and Great Yarmouth.

Leo Sayer last went on tour in the UK in the summer of last year, finishing in June.

New tour date listings are as follows:

  • Monday 9th March - Millennium Forum Theatre, Derry
  • Sunday 15th March - Ulster Hall, Belfast
  • Sunday 6th September - Potters Leisure Resort, Great Yarmouth
  • Friday 18th September - The Concorde Club & Ellington Lodge, Eastleigh
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