Jon Holmes / Paul Goldstein

at Alexander Centre, Faversham

This event has been and gone.

Jon Holmes and Paul Goldstein: Controversial award-winning writer and broadcaster versus outspoken award-winning wildlife photographer and travel guide - what could possibly go wrong?!

The Alex is delighted to be hosting the world premiere of Jon Holmes and Paul Goldstein doing what they do best - which is being provocative, being funny, arguing and possibly swearing (a bit) at each other.

Jon, a polymath writer, comedian, broadcaster and presenter was ‘the short one’ from BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show, co-created Dead Ringers and wrote TV’s Horrible Histories. He is also an award-winning travel writer for The Sunday Times and, in the pursuit of a story, has biked the Tiger Corridor of Northern India, ‘enjoyed’ crocodile hunting with the natives of Papua New Guinea, and was hospitalised by a colony of sea urchins off the coast of Puerto Rico. He’s written a number of books.

Paul is a photographer, raconteur, wildlife guide and conservationist and is one of the world’s best known and most skilled wildlife photographers. His list of dislikes is legendary and includes Chinese traditional medicine, management consultants, posed wildlife photos, politicians and Powerpoint. You’ll have definitely seen his stunning photographs in any number of magazines and newspapers. He is the owner of 4 safari camps in Africa, so he will be enlightening us with “stories from the bush”.

Jon and Paul have travelled to various parts of the globe together, and this world premiere finds them in conversation onstage for the first time talking about comedy, travel journalism, photography, climate change, conservation, Jon’s travel photography (“Poor” – Paul), Paul’s writing (“Hopeless” – Jon) and much, much more. Accompanied by incredible photos, this is a unique event and not to be missed.

“I have been waiting for this brilliant event to happen for ages, it had better be as good as they say it is”- Jon’s father-in-law


Jon Holmes

Award-winning British writer, comedian and broadcaster from Warwickshire.

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Paul Goldstein

Award-winning wildlife photographer and an entertaining speaker. 'Preposterously vivacious, a guide of almost psychotic gusto' (The Sunday Times).

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