Soul of Santana: The UK Santana Tribute Show


This event has been and gone.

Soul of Santana, the UK Santana tribute show. Awesome musicians who capture all the excitement and energy of Carlos Santana and his band at their peak.

Soul of Santana shows in 2019 will be few and far between as the band are heavily committed to other projects.

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Soul of Santana: The UK Santana Tribute Show

Soul of Santana: The UK Santana Tribute Show appearing at this event

Encompassing nearly five decade of legendary music and channeling the spirit of Santana and his band at their very best. Rediscover the songs and performances that have ensured Santana's place as one of the most loved bands of all time. From the exultant heights of such famous hits as 'Smooth', 'Evil Ways', 'She's Not There', and 'Soul Sacrifice', to the cathartic Salsa classics contained on the bestselling 1999 Supernatural and 2016 Santana IV albums. Like previous Soul of Santana concert performances – this guarantees to offer the audience a rich and emotive musical experience, blowing away the cobwebs and rekindling those precious personal memories in a way that only the best music can. From the outset, the Soul of Santana musicians have always striven to combine their deep personal love and reverence for the music of Santana with the excitement and spontaneity of live performance. Immersed in this music as they are, they know that these are songs which simply refuse to be played without passion and intensity. It is now almost half a century since Santana first emerged onto the world stage. Over the intervening five decades it is fair to say that both the band and the world have been through some considerable changes. Throughout it all, however, the music of Santana has retained its place in the hearts and souls of millions of fans the world over.

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