Jerry Sadowitz

Jerry Sadowitz

at Kings Theatre, Glasgow

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Jerry Sadowitz returns with his whacky impressions of Greta Thunberg frankie boyle and deep vein thrombosis. He also promises to do less hate fuelled swearing and focus more on faux liberal pish in order to appeal to the middle class and their disposable income and personalities.

'Please note that I might just do card tricks and say NOTHING for a whole hour or I might just do the usual 'screaming facist' schtick. Or both. Patrons may wish to drink alcohol pre-show to avoid boredom, embarrassment and guilt.'

This show was rescheduled from 24th March 2021 (originally 25th October 2020 / 20th March 2020).


Jerry Sadowitz

Jerry Sadowitz appearing at this event

The nightmare continues... Highly offensive stand-up and sleight of hand skills combine to produce a show that uniquely defies audience appeal. Please note that while his act has been successfully 'middle-classifed' by other performers, they have all since contracted the ebola virus and regularly pass it on to their audiences. You can do the right thing for yourself and see this show instead.

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Kings Theatre

297 Bath Street
G2 4JN

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