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Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie u classification

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Genre: Animation / Adventure / Family
Director: Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale
Running time: 87 mins
Released: 20th December 2013
Website: walkingwithdinosaurs.com

About Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie

New and unique dinosaurs are brought to life in this family adventure based on the popular TV series that uses CGI to send viewers back to the Cretaceous period. The film centres around a group of pachyrhinosauruses, who look a bit like rhinos. Patchi is the curious, optimistic young hero whose father Bulldust leads the herd. Female pachyrhinosaurus Juniper is his courageous best friend while Scowler is his bigger brother. The dinosaurs are peaceful herbivores and face a variety of threats from their environment and an evil gorgosaurus called Gorgon, who resembles a smaller T-rex. A sarcastic bird, Alex the alexornis, becomes an unlikely ally for the group as they come of age and learn to help each other in a time of danger and change.

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