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This Is The End 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Comedy
Director: Seth Rogen,Evan Goldberg
Running time: 107 mins
Released: 28th June 2013
Website: sonypictures.com

About This Is The End

A comedy about the apocalypse filled with stars responding to the public's perception of them by playing hateful, pampered versions of themselves. Comedy actor Seth Rogen convinces Jay Baruchel to go to a party at their pretentious friend James Franco's house. Already feeling a little distant from Seth since he became a Hollywood celebrity, Jay is made even more uncomfortable by the epic levels of idiocy and self-importance on display when they arrive at James' luxurious mansion. But then fiery pits open up, monsters appear and all hell breaks loose as the partygoers find that their popularity is no guarantee against sudden death. Seth, Jay and James take refuge in the mansion along with their friends Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill. However, Danny McBride has also snuck in and his stupidity coupled with the group's lack of survival skills means that they aren't safe for long.

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