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Sinister 15 classification

Film promo picture: Sinister

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Genre: Horror
Director: Scott Derrickson
Running time: 109 mins
Released: 5th October 2012
Website: haveyouseenhim.com

About Sinister

Ethan Hawke tries to solve a horrifying mystery while wearing a dad cardigan. He plays Ellison, a true crime novelist who moves his wife and two kids into a new house. What he doesn't tell them is that it was the site of a family's murder that he is researching for his next book. While rifling through some junk in the attic, Ellison discovers an old home movie that seems to show the family being hung from a tree. He is deeply disturbed by it but investigates the other reels and finds other similar scenes involving different families. He spots a symbol in the background of one of the films, and repeated glimpses of a menacing, deformed figure. Then the figure starts appearing around the house, and Ellison realises that he may have unleashed a supernatural force by merely watching the films.

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