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Searching For Sugar Man 12a classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Documentary
Director: Malik Bendjelloul
Running time: 86 mins
Released: 27th July 2012
Website: sonyclassics.com

About Searching For Sugar Man

A kind of detective story about the fate of little known folk musician Sixto Rodriguez. He was discovered in the late '60s in Detroit by former Motown Records chairman Clarence Avant and released two albums. Because they flopped commercially, he was dropped and seemed to fall off the grid. His music somehow found its way to the public in South Africa via bootlegs and struck a chord with liberal white youths struggling to deal with apartheid. The rebellious lyrics appealed to them and despite being banned from radio Rodriguez became famous and his albums sold in their thousands. A myth sprang from nowhere that he'd overdosed or set himself on fire onstage in the '70s, but fans Stephen Segerman and Craig Bartholmew decided to investigate Rodriguez' life and found the truth to be very different.

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