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Scary Movie 5 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Comedy
Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Running time: 85 mins
Released: 12th April 2013
Website: scarymoviefive.com

About Scary Movie 5

The parody series that has long since moved past only spoofing horror movies now sends up every blockbuster, celebrity scandal and popular mobile phone advert. This instalment loses the franchise's heroine Cindy (Anna Faris) and her friends and is instead a broad parody of the Paranormal Activity series. It also chucks in Black Swan, Inception and Ted among others. Married couple Dan (Simon Rex) and Jody (Ashley Tisdale) notice that strange things start happening when they bring their newborn son Aiden home from the hospital and decide to film all proceedings in the most obnoxious and nonsensical way possible. More terrifying than the lame acting and dodgy special effects are the time-ravaged faces of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen who turn up for some easy money.

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