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Saving Mr. Banks pg classification

Film promo picture: Saving Mr. Banks

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Genre: Drama / Comedy / Family
Director: John Lee Hancock
Running time: 125 mins
Released: 29th November 2013
Website: movies.disney.com

About Saving Mr. Banks

The story of how one of Disney's most beloved movies made its way to the silver screen in the early 1960s. Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) is the jolly but determined mastermind behind the greatest animation studio in the world. When his daughters beg him to make a movie from their favourite book, 'Mary Poppins', Walt sets out to obtain the rights. P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) is the book's uncompromising and somewhat rude author who refuses to be impressed by Walt's reputation or the efforts of his songwriting team (Jason Schwartzman and B.J. Novak) as they bombard her with pleas to consent to the film. As Walt gets to know her, he realises that Travers hides a secret pain from her childhood and tries to help her find closure.

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