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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Horror
Director: Christopher Landon
Running time: 84 mins
Released: 3rd January 2014
Website: paranormalmovie.co.uk

About Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

A spin off that turns its focus from the franchise's haunted sisters to explore the wider story behind the events of the series. The story begins in June 2012, at a party in Oxnard, California. When a woman dies in the apartment below, a group of friends go to investigate the scene with their camera. They discover strange items associated with the occult and some tapes that have a link to the previous films. Later, one of the party-goers (Andrew Jacobs) finds a bite mark on his arm and starts to fear that he has been marked by the same malevolent force that possessed the unlucky sisters. For those who've followed the series there will be a creeping feeling of dread as the characters stumble around with their camera, ignorant of the inevitability of a nasty fate.

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