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Need For Speed 12a classification

Film promo picture: Need For Speed

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Genre: Action / Thriller / Drama
Director: Scott Waugh
Running time: 132 mins
Released: 12th March 2014
Website: theneedforspeedmovie.com

About Need For Speed

Loosely based on the popular video game series, this mixes the 'wronged hero out for revenge' action movie trope with high speed stunt driving. Tobey (Aaron Paul) is a mechanic struggling to save his business. As a sideline, he and his friends build and race souped-up classic cars, but the extra income isn't enough and Tobey is at his wits' end. Rich, arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino (Dominic Cooper) suggests that Tobey team up with him and promises to give financial aid. Tobey is also poised to complete a major deal with a car broker (Imogen Poots). But after a disastrous race, Dino frames Tobey for manslaughter and he is sent to prison. When he is released, Tobey decides to participate in a dangerous cross-country race and get even with Dino.

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