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Nebraska 15 classification

Film promo picture: Nebraska

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Genre: Drama / Comedy
Director: Aelxander Payne
Running time: 115 mins
Released: 6th December 2013
Website: nebraskamovie.co.uk

About Nebraska

Woody (Bruce Dern) is an old man suffering from dementia. He becomes convinced that he has won a million dollars when he receives a scam letter, and endeavours to travel from his home in Montana to collect his winnings from an office in Nebraska. As he is no longer capable of driving, Woody's son David (Will Forte) accompanies him on the trip. David is stuck in a rut without any career prospects or commitments and although his sensitivity clashes with his father's grumpy, hard-drinking ways, he realises that the trip gives Woody hope. Woody and his wife spent part of their married life in Nebraska so he runs into former acquaintances along the way and takes a detour to visit some relatives.

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