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I'm So Excited 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Foreign Language
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Running time: 90 mins
Released: 3rd May 2013

About I'm So Excited

Almodóvar favourites Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz have cameos as married runway workers who set the plot of this raunchy comedy in motion when they become distracted from their work by news of a pregnancy. As a result, Peninsula Flight 2549 suffers a technical fault and cannot proceed safely. To prevent panic as the plane circles the sky the crew give the economy passengers and flight stewards a sedative, leaving three camp gay men in charge: anxious motormouth Joserra (Javier Camara), fun-loving Ulloa (Raul Arevalo) and repressed Fajas (Carlos Areces), who has an altar in his suitcase for impromptu prayers. Other tactics they try to calm the situation include disco dancing, lots of tequila and a dizzying pile-up of sexual favours.

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