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Hallam Foe 18 classification

Film promo picture: Hallam Foe

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: David MacKenzie
Running time: 96 mins
Website: thefilmfactory.co.uk

About Hallam Foe

Hallam Foe is the fourth film from acclaimed British director David Mackenzie and is Jamie Bell's first lead role since Billy Elliot. Hallam Foe (Bell) is a confused and eccentric young man. Convinced that his stepmother murdered his mother, Foe flees to Edinburgh where he meets a woman who bears a close resemblance to his mother. Foe develops a strange and uncomfortable relationship with Kate (Sophia Myles) and their morbid, yet erotic encounters are enthralling. Hallam Foe is a coming of age film for Jamie Bell, and he interestingly portrays the complex mindset of a cocky yet undoubtedly strange young man, looking for love on the rooftops of Edinburgh. This film really comes alive during the scenes at the Caledonian Hotel and is a funny yet bizarre film.

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