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Fruitvale Station 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Drama
Director: Ryan Coogler
Running time: 85 mins
Released: 6th June 2014
Website: fruitvalefilm.com

About Fruitvale Station

Based on the true story of the murder of 22-year-old Oscar Grant. The film starts with real-life footage (recorded on a phone) of the incident, in which a San Francisco rapid-transit policeman fatally shoots Oscar while he is handcuffed and lying on the ground. From this shocking act of violence, the film rewinds to the last day of Oscar's young life. Oscar (Michael B. Jordan) is trying to get himself together after spending several months in prison for drug dealing. He wants to be a better partner for his girlfriend Sophina (Melonie Diaz), but she has found that he has been unfaithful. He is determined to be a good father to his four-year-old daughter Tatiana (Ariana Neal), and promises to take her out to Chuck E. Cheese the next day, even though he has just lost his job. But all of his plans, good intentions and failures are destined to be snuffed out in one tragic moment.

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