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Elysium 15 classification

Ents24 Rating

Genre: Action / Sci-fi
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Running time: 109 mins
Released: 23rd August 2013
Website: itsbetterupthere.com

About Elysium

More grimy sci-fi from the director of District 9. In the year 2154, Earth has become so polluted that the planet's upper classes have moved to Elysium, a massive space station filled with swimming pools and hi-tech gadgets that orbits high above the disenfranchised and the unlucky. Max (Matt Damon) is an ex-thief who just wants to survive each shift at his risky factory job, hoping that he can save enough money to move to Elysium eventually. One day, having been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation he is asked to help a revolutionary group in exchange for receiving a metal exo-skeleton and the chance to live a bit longer. He plans to infiltrate Elysium while defence minister Delacourt (Jodie Foster) is determined to keep all the poor people out.

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